A stray dog pursues a bus until the driver a.d.opts her.

A stray dog who chased after a bus found a happy ending when the bus driver stopped and adopted the determined dog.

According to passengers on a jeepney in Quezon City, Philippines, the young dog became interested in the bus and began following it.

When the bus pulled away, the dog followed it, attempting to jump aboard. The female dog had her paws on the steps and tried to jump in, but she fell back onto the road.

The bus driver was hesitant because he was afraid the dog would bite one of the passengers. Many stray dogs in the Philippines are feral, and many of them are i.n.f.e.c.t.e.d with rabies, posing a serious health r.i.s.k to humans.

After realizing the dog was friendly, the driver eventually pulled over and picked up the stray. The driver is so friendly that passengers believe he has a.d.o.p.t.ed the dog.

Jaypee Barcelinia, a passenger, told NewsFlare “The dog was desperate to join us. She attempted to enter the jeepney six times. The driver continued on his way. He didn’t want to let her in because he was afraid she’d bite the passengers.”

“Even after the journey was over, the dog refused to leave.” “The driver is now caring for her and keeping her.”

Here’s a video of the dog chasing the bus. Keep an eye out for the final shot, which shows the dog completed her mission!


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