A powerful message about his parents’ divorce goes viral after his father shares it on social media.

Divorce is difficult for any child. Sean Whalen understands this from his own experience after his father threw him, his mother, and his brother out on the street.

Now that he’s an adult and a single father to three children, he appreciates his mother’s bravery and determination in raising him and his brother on her alone.

Sean was in a Chinese restaurant recently when he observed a waitress working the tables. Something about her reminded him of his mother and took him back to his boyhood. He couldn’t help but think about how she, like this woman, worked so hard to put food on the table.

He was prompted to jot down his views after deciding to leave a substantial tip for the unknown waitress. That’s when he wrote this amazing poem on Facebook on divorce, life, and what it’s like to grow up with a single mom. His post has since gone viral, with millions of people reading his remarks all over the world. You’ll see why when you read it…

Here’s what he had to say:


My memories of the day my parents divorced are indelibly ingrained in my mind.

My father and I have a big quarrel.

My mother, I, and my younger brother leave because my father is becoming insane.

That night, we stayed in a hotel.

My father had changed the locks when we returned the next day.

I stood there watching my mother pleading with him through the door to let us in so we could get our belongings.

He was not going to do it.

Later that day, we had to return with a police escort.

I’ll never forget the cops throwing me a black garbage bag and telling me I had ten minutes to grab my belongings.

I stuffed as many clothes as I could into the suitcase, and that was the last time I set foot in the house where I grew up.

There are no baseball trophies.
None of the 10,000 baseball cards in my collection.
None of my belongings.
I even abandoned my pet turtle.

My mother, I, and my younger brother moved into a small condo with no furniture.

Pots, pans, couches, beds, and food were brought in by members of the church.

My father took the money from the bank and put it in my mother’s pocket.

She couldn’t do a single thing.


There are no family members in the vicinity.

Other than strangers from church, there was no actual support.


When I became a single parent, I realized what my mother went through working many jobs.


I never appreciated how hard mother worked for me and my younger brother when I was small.


She worked hard.


To make ends meet, she worked her tail off.


She went to great lengths to ensure that my brother and I have all we ever desired.


However, she was a hard worker.



I’m still perplexed as to how she achieved it.

I’m not sure how she didn’t just give up at times.

I would have done so.

I recall many evenings strolling past her room and seeing her on her knees praying.

I can only imagine what those dialogues between her and God were like.
I can’t imagine the tears that streamed down this sweet woman’s face as she begged God for a break.

Earlier in the day, I experienced some excruciating agony.

I’ve had my doubts about a lot of things, but this single mother of two boys has never given up.

She never gave up a single time.

There was a new waitress tonight as my son and I sat at our favorite shabby Chinese restaurant.


She was as noticeable as a sore thumb.


The proprietors are Chinese nationals.

The employees are all Chinese.


And then there’s this tiny white waitress.


She was wonderful and continuously complimenting my son on his demeanor.


We finished our meal.


I got the impression from small talk and drink refills that this single mom didn’t want to be there, but had no choice, and she was doing her best to smile.

My heart was torn out by that.

I was reminded of my mother, and I saw the same hustle in this woman that I did in her.

I’m a single mother.

Perhaps by choice.
Perhaps not.

However, she is working on a Wednesday night to ensure that food is on the table and shoes are on the feet of the children.

This isn’t a place for grandeur.
Not for the sake of social standing.

But, you know, to live.

To hopefully be able to provide her children with things that will make them happy.

I felt sorry for her.

I could feel her anguish.

I couldn’t help but think of my mother and how difficult it must be for a single woman to go from homemaker to breadwinner.

I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for some mothers.


I’m well aware that my gratuity will not cover her rent.

I’m well aware that my gratuity will not cover the cost of children’s braces.

I’m sure my suggestion won’t keep the fridge stocked.


But I hoped that by putting a smile on her face tonight, she’d be able to return home to her babies happier than when she left them.


I’m not familiar with the entirety of her story.


I’m not required to.

Tonight, I had the impression that someone had done this for my mother along the line, and that this was what kept her going on nights when she wanted to give up.

I’m not sure.

I’m not sure I’ll ever know.

But I am aware of this.

I’ve been extremely fortunate, and my mother laid the route for my perseverance.

She showed me how to get back on my feet.

She demonstrated the value of hard work and effort.

I hope this small gesture with my son tonight brightens this woman’s life so she can wake up tomorrow and fight a good fight.


You are lovely, and your descendants will benefit from your efforts. They’re keeping an eye on you.

I was watching my mother at the time.

Mom I’m in love with you.

“You are a hero to me.”

Sean has stated that he has been astounded by the outpouring of support. He’s seen others do the same thing he did, and he’s heard from single parents who were moved by his message. Many people have responded positively to his powerful statements.

Share Sean’s heartfelt message of thanks and love with your loved ones!

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