A man takes a senior homeless dog to a pet store and buys everything he sees.

For such a good boy, that’s a lot of toys! King is a 12-year-old dog who has had a more difficult life than most dogs, having spent the majority of his time on the streets.

King l.o.s.t one of his front legs after being s.t.r.u.c.k by a car. He received the s.u.r.g.e.r.y he required, and then Marley’s Mutts stepped in to assist in finding the senior sweetie a forever home.

They were well aware that the odds were stacked against them. King was not only an elderly dog, but he also lacked one of his legs.

Months went by with no one willing or able to take the dog in…

Until Rocky Kanaka, host of the television show Dog’s Day Out, heard King’s story and decided he deserved a special day.

Shelter dogs are taken out of the shelter for the day and showered with gifts and affection on Rocky’s show. Rocky enjoys working with these unique animals, and his fans are inspired by what he can accomplish.

Rocky’s shows attract a large audience, which often results in a happy ending for the shelter animals: adoption!

When Rocky was considering what to do for King, he came to the conclusion that he deserved a shopping spree — a massive shopping spree.

Whatever the King touched, he would claim as his own. In fact, Rocky told the cameras that the only thing that was off-limits was a hamster! (And that’s a good thing.)

King had a wonderful time. The first thing he touched was a huge bag of dog food, indicating that his sense of smell is still intact.

After choosing the chow, Rocky took him to the toy section of the pet store, where things got really exciting!

King wagging his tail happily as he pulled out a Nerf gun, a toy rope, a dinosaur, a rawhide bone, and a giant ball. He also chose a cat tree, which surprised Rocky — but he kept his word!

Best of all, after King’s shopping spree became public, Rocky was approached about adopting him. His life had been full of challenges, but now everything was about to change! He’d be loved and cared for, and he’d be safe and sound.

Rocky treated King to yet another shopping spree to commemorate the occasion!

In the video below, King meets his new mother during his second shopping spree.

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