A man puts on the ‘Cone of Shame’ to make his grandfather feel better.

Most dog owners will tell you that their pets despise Elizabethan collars, also known as the Cone of Shame. The domed collars are clearly uncomfortable, making it difficult for a dog to see, navigate, and eat.

It’s a special breed of dog that can make the Cone of Shame “work for them.” Pet parents will occasionally try to “accessorize” the Cone of Shame, but this does little to cheer up their dog.

When Ollie, a chocolate Labrador, recently underwent minor surgery and was forced to wear a Cone of Shame, his owner’s father tried something new to cheer the dog up. Alex reveals that her father did it himself.

Alex walked in on the couple bonding on the couch and captured the adorable moment on video.

“Not my dad wearing a cone to make my dog feel less lonely after his surgery,” Alex captioned her @good.boy.ollie TikTok video.


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If you can’t see the Instagram video above, try the TikTok version below.

“I swear it’s always the dad who didn’t want a dog who ends up loving them the most,” she added.

The adorable video has received millions of views, with many people remarking on how thoughtful Grandpa is.

Ollie seemed to feel a lot better after his grandparents’ thoughtful gesture, Alex later told the Dodo.

“Ollie seemed a little happier,” Alex observed. Ollie has since recovered completely and is no longer in need of the Cone. Alex revealed that her father and dog are no longer required to wear the cones. “They’re both no longer wearing cones. Ollie was only required to wear it for a week. My father lasted only a few hours!”

By the way, Alex improved Ollie’s cone of shame with some creative additions: fries, flowers, and a martini. Ollie is such a good sport, and he appears to be enjoying showing off his cone’s accessories.


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