A man drives 2,800 miles to save a pit bull from euthanasia.

This dog was up for adoption, but when he learned he was on the k.i.ll list at the shelter, he began driving 2,800 miles across the country to save him. They clicked right away – it was a touching moment!

Mario Rodriguez has spent his entire career with the Bulls. Rodriguez adores the strain, and every hole bull he’s ever had has been incredibly sweet.

Rodriguez lost his beloved Bull King in 2018. Rodriguez had adored King above all else, and his d.e.a.th had left him heartbroken.

He told The Dodo, “It felt like a piece of my soul left with him.” ” I wasn’t able to save him, but I’m going to save a few for him.”

Rodriguez was making a delivery in California in August 2018 when he entered a textbook from his wife. She sent him a link to a New York bull that had been abandoned.
The first time Rodriguez saw Hickory, the hole bull, he fell in love with him. Rodriguez made the hasty decision to borrow this adorable canine. When he learned that Hickory was on the sanctum’s k.i.ll list, his feelings became even more intense.

Rodriguez informed his employer, who thankfully agreed to record a delivery route for him that included a stop in New York. Rodriguez also started driving the country’s mile off-road. He informed the sanctum of his impending arrival, but he was still concerned that Hickory would be euthanized before he arrived.

“I was rushing through work and calling the sanctum every day, and by the third day, they had my phone number,” Rodriguez explained. ‘He’s still there, Mario, he’s still there!’ they exclaimed.
Rodriguez finally arrived at ACC Sanctum in Brooklyn after six days of nonstop driving. Hickory remained confined to his kennel.
“I parked my truck and ran outside,” Rodriguez explained. ” Hickory nearly jumped through the kennel door as soon as he saw me. ‘That’s it, chum!’ I said. ‘We’re returning home!’

Hickory clicked with Rodriguez so quickly that Rodriguez was taken aback. It almost sounds as if the dog has been waiting for him!
Rodriguez explained, “It just looked like he was waiting for me.” ” It was strange. We hit it off right away. In my entire life, I have never had a dog become so attached to me as quickly as this one.”

Rodriguez and Hickory drove to Rodriguez’s home in Georgia after completing the relinquishment paperwork. The click of the brackets increased as they drove along the east coast. Rodriguez was so overjoyed that he drove across the country to save Hickory, proving that the two of them were meant to be together.

Rodriguez introduced Hickory to his two other bulls, Cooper and Angel, when he returned to Georgia. The three sisters quickly became friends and began playing together.

It was soon time for Rodriguez to return to the road. The family decided that Hickory should be Hisco-pilot because he and Rodriguez got along so well. Hickory adored the concept!

Hickory has been with Rodriguez for about six months and is thoroughly enjoying his time on the road. Hickory enjoys driving through the countryside with his newspaper and barking at all the cows and nags they pass.

Rodriguez intends to retire in five to six years, and his ambition is to start a hole bull delivery service. For the time being, he and Rodriguez are simply enjoying life on the road. Check out Hickory’s Facebook runner for more photos of him traveling around the United States! Please join in the fun with your musketeer and family.

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