a lovely moment During a boy’s ‘time-out,’ a loyal dog keeps him company.

Peyton and his canine best friend Dash have an unbreakable friendship; they stick together in good times and bad.

Jillian Marie Smith, Peyton’s mother, always thought Dash would bring even more joy to their already happy home, especially after seeing how well he got along with Peyton.

“Dash has made our lives easier as a family. Especially for Peyton. Peyton will tell you that Dash is his pal.”

Peyton’s bond with his sister was wonderfully displayed when he was sent to the “time-out corner” for a few minutes after getting into a quarrel with her.

Despite the fact that it was only a short punishment for Peyton to think on his crimes, it appeared that Dash couldn’t bear Peyton doing it alone, and Jillian observed the scene below as she turned around.

“I couldn’t stay upset for long because Peyton wrapped his arm around Dash was just too cute,” Jillian explained. “I believe Dash realized he needed his buddy when Peyton had to go to time-out.”

Although this is unlikely to be Peyton’s last run-in with the law, he may rest confident that his canine companion will be at his side throughout the ordeal.

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