A little boy rescues a stray puppy and transports him to a location where he knows he will be fed.

“I was upset since he was alone, extremely adorable, and appeared to be hungry,” she said. That’s what 10-year-old Joo Gabriel revealed after he was caught on camera assisting a stray dog.

According to Globo News, the child was going home from school in Brazil when he noticed a white dog in the middle of the road and decided to aid him.

So he put the puppy in his backpack and drove him to a location where he knew there would be food and water for him. “I took him to the drugstore,” Joo said, “which I pass by every day.” For stray dogs, a food bowl and water are put outside the drugstore.

Joo is seen in the video bringing the puppy out of his backpack and carefully laying it among the bowls before waving away.

Workers at the drugstore soon discovered the puppy and informed Josiel Pedro Barbosa, the animal rescuer who looks after the front bowls. He arrived to get the dog and transport him to a secure location.

Barbosa quickly found a loving home for the small orphaned dog after publishing what Joo done on social media. And the video of Joo’s heartfelt rescue quickly went viral.

Joo, on the other hand, failed to notice. He did observe, though, that the dog he had discovered had been adopted.

“I walked by [the drugstore] the other day and realized that he had been adopted,” Joo explained. “I was overjoyed.”

For his charity, the drugstore gave Joo a new pair of sneakers, and Barbosa believes the boy’s actions gave him a newfound feeling of hope.

Barbosa stated, “It’s wonderful to see that you’re not alone, and that we have hope for a better future.”

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