A hungry stray dog is caught on camera giving the last of his food to a street vendor.

Many sloppy darlings around the world are relying on the goodwill of others to protect themselves. But, thankfully, there are a slew of good Samaritans who will do whatever they can to help, including providing food and heat.

Individualities you least expect, individualities with the least to offer, are often the most generous. That was especially true recently, after a kind act by a road vendor was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

The story is based on a videotape produced by the neighborhood news outlet Expreso in Puebla, Mexico.

An lone road vendor can be seen trudging down the road, lugging his wares on his back.

He soon realizes, however, that he is not alone; two sloppy pet tykes are trailing him.

Instead of ignoring the children, he quits and decides to feed them!

The black lazy pet approached him rudely, and he fed him food from his troops while the pet dogs surrounded him happily.

He makes sure that both dogs are fed by tossing some food to the other roving, who is standing back.

As a road vendor, he could have offered the food or kept it for himself after a long day of work, but instead he chose to feed these starving dogs, who had likely gone without food for quite some time. There’s no doubt he brightened these dogs’ day considerably.


He did so anonymously, oblivious to the fact that his kindness was captured on an electronic camera.

“He was caught doing something unique when he thought no one was looking,” Expreso wrote.

His good deeds have now gone viral, garnering over 4.6 million views in just a few weeks.

Then watch the videotape clip.

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