A Cute mama dog and her six adorable puppies have been rescued and are looking for a permanent home!

Because almost all female dogs become aggressive after giving birth, the team had to be cautious and secure the mama before approaching the puppies. Despite the sweets supplied by the rescuers, the mom was so nervous that she cautiously avoided them. Because catching the dog proved challenging, they chose to use a humane trap and move away from her to reduce her discomfort. They were eventually able to lure her into the trap. She was initially perplexed and even barked at them, but she eventually came to trust them.

Puppies were found and brought to the mother by rescuers. The dog Mother did a fantastic job raising the cubs, based on their condition. She appeared calm and relaxed, knowing that none of her children had been hurt. The six adorable puppies were so adorable that they immediately fell asleep after being rescued.

The entire family was sent to the veterinarian for treatment. The mother’s name was Haleakala. When strangers held her baby, she was still a little frightened. It demonstrated the mother’s love for and care for her children. The Hawaiian family was in a secure and protected location. The cubs were all healthy since they developed so quickly. They were overjoyed to be returning to their foster home and relished every moment of their time together.

The adorable dogs are on the lookout for a forever home. Please contact The Little Red Dog Rescue if you are interested in adopting them.

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