A homeless cute puppy with its head stuck in a potato chip bag is rescued by a good man.

When a man driving by noticed a dog alone in a wintry field with her head trapped in a potato chip bag, he knew something was wrong.

The video was shot in southern Manitoba, Canada, and shows the man approaching the struggling dog and attempting to coax her over to him.

While hiking through the heavy snow on the ground, the man remarks, “I don’t know whether I’ll make it there.” “I’m drowning.”

Finally, the puppy approaches the man, who carefully lifts the chip bag from her brow.
This was a potentially fatal position for the puppy, as it may have easily suffocated.

Thank heavens he came by at the right time and saved her life.

Although it’s unclear where the little puppy was living, it’s possible that it was one of the many stray dogs who live in and around the Canadian province’s First Nations settlements, which are plagued by stray canines.

In Manitoba, semi-feral Rottweilers, Border Collies, and Pitbulls are commonly seen roaming reserves, a situation that animal groups are working to alter.

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