A homeIess puppy with its head stuck in a potato chip bag is res.cued by a man.

When a man driving by noticed a puppy alone in a snowy field with her head stuck in a potato chip bag, he knew something was wrong.

The man approaches the floundering pup and tries to coax her over to him, according to the footage filmed in southern Manitoba, Canada.

While touring through the heavy snow on the ground, the man says, “I don’t know if I’ll make it there.” “I’m drow.ning.”

Finally, the puppy came over to the man’s side, and the chip bag was gently removed from her head.

This was a potentially fatal situation for the puppy, as he could have easily suffocated.

Thank goodness for virtue; the foreigner was overjoyed when he did this and sa.ved her Iife.

Although it’s unclear where the itty-bitty pup was living, it could have been one of the many stray dogs roaming the Canadian fiefdom’s First Nations communities, which are plagued by sloppy kids.


In Manitoba, it’s common to see semi-feral Rottweilers, Border Collies, and Pitbulls roaming the reserves; however, Beast lawyers are working to change that.


Thousands of the sloppy tykes, according to one fiefdom deliverer, are starving, sickly, and struggling to survive. K-9 Lawyers Manitoba’s Jasmine Colucci said she frequently sees children who have frozen to d.e.a.th or have a bullet hole in their heads.

The number of homeIess children pleading for help and care has overwhelmed her and other res.cuers. We’re hoping that this puppy is one of the lucky ones who was saved.

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