A generous woman assists a homeless man holding a sign requesting assistance in reclaiming his dog from the pound.

Wilma was drawn to the words because she is a dog lover. She didn’t stop to help her colleague because she only had $8 at the time.

She couldn’t take her mind off the man’s miserable expression and utter despair as she walked. She decided to turn around and talk to him before she got halfway to her car.

“I couldn’t get over it when I looked at him.” Wilma told CBS News, “He looked like a lost little boy there.”

She requested that the man, Patrick, tell her what had occurred.

I heard the man was arrested for trespassing a few days ago and spent two nights in jail as a result. Meanwhile, Franklin, her dog, was picked up and taken to a local animal shelter, where he was described as a’stray.’

Patrick’s heart was broken. When he was released, he immediately contacted the shelter to inquire about reuniting with his dog. But what they wanted was more than he could provide.

He was told he would have to pay $120 plus $10 per day his dog stayed at the shelter. A heartworm test, flea prevention, rabies shot, and a $35 booking fee were among the exorbitant charges.

Wilma declared, “I won’t leave this town until I bring my dog.”

Patrick’s love for Wilma’s dog moved Wilma, and she felt compelled to assist him.

“He seemed like a gentle, kind soul who had just had a difficult life,” Wilma said.

She, on the other hand, did not have that much money to give him. Wilma realized she couldn’t do it alone, so she enlisted the help of a friend to raise funds for Patrick.

Wilma and an animal rescue volunteer named Jill Patrick helped raise money by creating a Go.Fund.Me dedicated to helping her get back on her feet, in addition to bringing the two friends together.

Patrick, overcome with gratitude, told Wilma:

“You have done more for me in my life than most people have ever done.” You have no idea how grateful I am.”

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