A Generous Cab Driver Offers a Ride to the Duck Family

Urga Adunga, a cab driver in Calgary, Alberta, was on his route when he noticed a family in need of a ride and decided to offer them a free ride. The mama duck and her nine ducklings were stuck at a busy intersection and couldn’t cross the road, so Adunga pulled over, turned on his hazard lights, and coordinated with other drivers to get the duck family into his car.

“I got out of my cab and motioned for oncoming traffic to stop so I could get the animals to safety,” Adunga told Global News. “Several drivers got out of their vehicles and signaled everyone to come to a halt.” Other drivers used baby carriers to carry the ducklings and gently place them in my cab with their mother.”

He drove them to a nearby river and let them out, after which they waddled down to the river and swam downstream. Adunga cleaned the seat and went about his business.

“It was amazing, and I was happy to serve them,” Adunga said, according to a statement released by his employer, Checker Yellow Cabs. “It is our responsibility as humans to protect those animals, as well as nature and the environment.” I’m sure I could do it again. Not only animals, but also humans. We have to help each other and rescue each other.”

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