A Funny Story Explains Why An Elderly Couple Halved A McDonald’s Burger

This amusing essay has been circulating the Internet for a while. The film begins with diners at a McDonald’s restaurant noticing an elderly couple coming in to eat…

That frigid winter evening, the small old couple strolled slowly into McDonald’s. They stood out among the young families and couples that were dining there that night. Some of the customers stared at them with admiration.

“Look, there’s a couple who has been through a lot together, maybe for 60 years or more!” the admirers exclaimed.

The elderly gentleman strolled right up to the cash register, placed his order, and paid for his dinner. The couple sat at a table against the back wall and began removing food off the tray. One hamburger, one order of French fries, and one drink were served.

The elderly gentleman gently unwrapped the basic hamburger and cut it in two. One portion was placed in front of his wife. Then he counted out the French fries, divided them into two heaps, and set one in front of his wife. He drank a sip, his wife drank a sip, and then the cup was placed between them.

The gathering became agitated as the man began to devour his few bites of hamburger. “That sad old couple,” you could tell they were thinking once more. They only have enough money for one supper for the two of them.” One young man rose up and walked over to the old couple’s table as the man began to devour his French fries. He graciously offered to buy the elderly couple another supper. They were fine, according to the old man. They were accustomed to sharing their possessions.

The throng then saw that the little old lady had not eaten a single piece of her meal. She simply sat there, watching her husband eat and taking turns sipping his drink. The young man approached them again, pleading with them to let him buy them something to eat. No, the man emphasized again, they were accustomed to sharing everything.

The young man could no longer take it when the old man finished eating and wiped his face carefully with a napkin. He approached their table once more and offered to buy them some supper. After being respectfully declined one more, he eventually asked the old lady a question: “Ma’am, why aren’t you eating?” You stated that you share everything with others. “What exactly are you waiting for?”

She replied… “The teeth,” says the speaker.

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