A four-year-old calls the cops and asks them to come see his toys.

The emergency line of New Zealand Police recently received an unexpected call that they thought was “too adorable not to publish.” A child named 111 was involved in the event (the 911 equivalent in New Zealand to North America). “Police lady…can I tell you something?” the emergency dispatcher asks the young kid quietly.

She says “yes,” and the following is a transcript of their conversation:

The small youngster discloses that he has some toys for the cops and invites them over to see them! Dad answers the phone a few moments later and tells the police that there is no emergency, that mom is sick, and that he (dad) was preoccupied with their other child and didn’t notice his other child on the phone.

Following the call, a constable arrived at the home to inspect the 4-year-toys, old’s according to New Zealand Police.

“Constable Kurt from Southern District Police replied by arriving at the child’s house and was shown an array of toys,” they posted on Instagram. He also had an excellent educational conversation with the child and his parents about the need of only phoning 111 in an emergency.”

The youngster had “nice toys,” according to Constable Kurt.

Many individuals were impressed by the emergency operator’s calm demeanor and the fact that she checked on the family. “It’s good that they did a welfare check as well in case there was something else going on,” one Reddit user commented. “Kid was quite smart because they could not only dial the phone but also knew who they were talking to right away.”

“Exactly,” said someone. “I applaud her for making sure everything is running well and without drama.”

“Smooth. “Police brightened the kid’s day and double-checked that everything was in order,” another individual said.

Another user on Reddit offered a hilarious family story (although, it might not have been so funny at the time.) Qailxz remarked:

“My child dialed 911 when his little sister kidnapped his teddy bear. He was six years old, and she was four. Unfortunately, he dropped the phone while on the line, and they began yelling things like, “Let him go or I’ll kill one of yours!” and “Stop, you’re hurting him!” All of this happened while I was 5 minutes in the restroom with the door open. So I could hear the kids playing and yelling, but I had no idea 911 had been dialed until the cops arrived at the door. (This was back when cordless house phones were popular.) He made a phone call, dropped it, and it landed under the couch, still connected.) The cops made certain that the animal was taken care of returned safely.

“It’s a favorite’remember that time’ anecdote for our entire family,” he continued.

Both instances remind us of another little youngster who dialed 911 because he was having trouble with his homework.

Thankfully, all of these events turned out to be not only educational for the kids, but also entertaining for everyone!


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