A family fleeing Ukraine refuses to aban.don their elderly dog and carries her across the border with them.

Despite the ongoing irruption by Russ.ian forces, our hearts remain with the people of Ukraine. Numerous stories of citizen resistance and frippery have emerged from the chaos, some sad, some inspiring.

One woman who recently fled Ukraine gave a heartbreaking first-hand account of how she had to leave so much of her life behind — but not her senior pet canine, even if it meant carrying him across the border.

Alisa, a 35-year-old Ukrainian woman, shared her story with The Guardian, detailing her perilous journey out of the country. She had a chance to leave war-torn Kyiv for Poland as a programmer for a German company, but getting to the border wasn’t easy.

She recalls riding in a single car for 16 hours from the capital to a village with her mother, family, two misters, four children, and a senior German cowgirl.


Still in danger, they left the village to reach the border, but there were so many buses that they had to walk the remaining 10 country miles on the ground, in the pouring rain.

The last leg of the journey, however, was especially difficult for the senior canine. Alisa wrote in The Guardian, “My canine is 12 and a half and she plodded to walk and fell down every kilometer or so and couldn’t stand up again.”

” I flagged down buses and requested assistance, but everyone turned me down; they advised us to leave the pets.”

She, on the other hand, was adamant about not giving up. Her dog was family, and she wasn’t about to abandon her. Alisa had recently lost her father and had to flee her home, but she was not about to abandon her dog.

She wrote, “Our pets are a part of our family.” ” My dog has been with us through all of our happy and sad times. Mom’s dog is all she has left of her previous life.”

As a result, they brought the pets along on their exhausting journey — even if it meant giving them a ride. Alisa’s husband is depicted carrying the German cowgirl over his shoulder in a print.

The family made it to the border and spent seven hours on a crowded roof. Alisa wrote, “We were each in there, pets and five children, all with wet bases.” “Physically and psychologically, it was difficult.”


Despite the fact that they had all arrived safely, Alisa received heartbreaking news that her husband would be unable to cross the border due to his age and the rallying order. Her husband returned to the village, and she joined the others in Poland.

Alisa’s future, like that of so many other Ukrainians, is clouded with uncertainty. ” I don’t know what my plan is. Then I’d like to see my husband. For the time being, what I’ll do with my children is decide whether I want to stay in Poland or travel to Germany with the rest of my colleagues,” she wrote in The Guardian.


While the situation is still unfolding, we can take comfort in this family’s adaptability — and their refusal to leave a pet in the past.

Please spread the word about this story, and keep this family in your prayers and studies.

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