A dog owner provides his canine companion with a step stool so that he can greet his neighbors across the fence.

Although Labradors are hardly the tiniest of dogs, this chocolate lab named Guiseppe appears to be quite petite in comparison to his two Great Dane neighbors.

The adorable lab recently moved in next door to brothers Vito and Bambino, and the two Great Danes were ecstatic to have a new and fascinating neighbor.

Vito and Bambino, being taller than Guiseppe, would stare over the wall separating the two backyards, hoping to see Guiseppe peering back.

But, alas, the tiny lab was too short to reach all the way to the top.

Guiseppe, on the other hand, isn’t a quitter, and he’s been attempting to jump high enough to meet his neighbors.

He’s tried and tried to lift himself high enough to get a good scent of Vito and Bambino, but he’s never been successful.

At least not without assistance.

Guiseppe’s family has watched his never-ending battle with amusement and compassion.

They’ve hoped there was a way to aid him every time they’ve seen his futile jumps fail to get him where he needs to go.

Then they realized – duh! – that there is one very obvious approach to assist the small dog.

After all, what do they reach for when they need to reach something that’s out of reach? Of course, a step stool is required.

Guiseppe’s family got him a stool one day, and the lovely lab was able to peer over the wall for the first time.

As he rested his paws on the wall and popped his head over it, his little tail went a mile a minute.

Giuseppe was ecstatic, as were Vito and Bambino, who had been waiting for the determined puppy to succeed.

Giuseppe may now greet his friends and neighbors whenever he wants, and Vito and Bambino are overjoyed to have a new companion within sniffing distance.

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