A dog owner installs a camera to see who is unmaking their bed.

When redditor JustRudy45 observed that their bed kept getting unmade whenever they went into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, they put up a camera to catch the perpetrator. And what a sweet thief she turned out to be!

Their dog, it turns out, enjoys grabbing her favorite toy duck and leaping onto the bed. Not only that, but when she throws the stuffie on the floor, it’s time to rummage through the sheets! It’s no surprise that the bedding is wrinkled.

The dog’s misbehavior and adorable zoomies drew a lot of attention from Redditors.

“Me watching this video: “It’s not unmade, it’s just a little wrink— oh,” one user commented.

“Then I busted out laughing.” “Little gremlin,” said another redditor.

Part 2 of their dog’s funny “unmaking” of the bed was uploaded by JustRudy45.

“My pooch usually keeps Mr. Duck close,” they wrote beside a photo of their dog in a quieter moment. Mr. Duck is her special therapeutic duck, and she carries him everywhere with her.

Mr. Duck was preceded by Mr. Bunny. Mr. Bunny, on the other hand, “died as he lived, coated in slobber and in the jaws of my pup,” according to JustRudy45 on reddit.

Dog Owner Sets Up Camera To Discover Who Keeps Unmaking Their Bed

When redditor JustRudy45 noticed their bed kept on getting unmade when they went to get a coffee from the kitchen, they set up a camera to catch the culprit. And what an adorable culprit she turned out to be!

It turns out their dog loves to grab her favorite toy duck and jump on the bed. Not only that, when she drops the stuffie on the floor it’s time to go digging under the sheets! No wonder the bedding is wrinkled.

Redditors loved watching the dog’s mischief and her adorable zoomies.

One person commented, “Me watching this video: “It’s not unmade, it’s just a little wrink— oh.”

“Then burst into laughter. Little gremlin,” another redditor responded.

JustRudy45 uploaded a Part 2 to their dog’s hilarious “unmaking” of the bed.

They also shared a picture of their dog in a quieter moment and explained, “My pup always keeps Mr. Duck close. He’s her personal therapy duck,” adding, that she takes Mr. Duck with her everywhere.

And before Mr. Duck, there was Mr. Bunny. However, Mr. Bunny “died as he lived, covered in slobber and in the mouth of my pup,” JustRudy45 wrote on reddit.

“I have a stack of backup Mr. Ducks too, for when I have to pull a Mr. Duck out of rotation to be cleaned or sewn back together,” JustRudy45 writes now.

That’s what I call a pet parent who is prepared. They’ll just have to adjust to the reality that they’ll have to make the bed more frequently!

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