A Diner Notices A Guy Out On The Cutest Date With His Dog

Gemma Colón went to a nearby NYC eatery for a bite to eat when she noticed something that made her halt in her tracks.

She told The Dodo, “I was confronted with one of the most surprisingly pleasant vistas.” “I spotted this dog seated across from his owner, perched on a chair, behaving impeccably.”

This dog and his owner appeared to be dating.

Thankfully, she was sat in front of the couple and was able to observe the wonderful event happening in front of her.

“[The man] was working a crossword puzzle while eating his lunch and sipping a glass of red wine. “His date (the dog) was slurping graciously from his own cup of water,” Colón explained. “I couldn’t believe how well-behaved the puppy was. This dog had better table manners than some humans I’ve seen.”

Diner Spots A Guy Out On The Most Adorable Date With His Dog


Other guests couldn’t help but grin at the romantic scenario in front of their eyes, but no one dared to disrupt their lunch.

“I overheard a waitress remark on how good the dog was at one point, and the man replied that he takes the dog everywhere with him,” Gemma explained. “It appeared to be a very enjoyable date with great company.”

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