A devoted dog walks 62 miles in search of her long-lost family.

When a family in China had their house remodeled, they left their beloved golden retriever, Ping An, with a friend while the work was being done. Because house renovations may be noisy and frightening, they probably believed they were doing their pet dog a favor. Ping An, on the other hand, didn’t understand why she’d been separated from her humans and decided to flee after four months to locate her own family.

When Ping An’s family learned that their dog had gone missing, they were horrified and did everything they could to find him. Despite the fact that everyone thought she was lost, this devoted dog knew exactly where she was going. She was walking 62 kilometres back to Qidong, China, to see her people in their family home.

The tired traveler was saved en way by workers who observed the emaciated dog staggering outside an office building with bleeding paws, according to the D.a.i.l.y Mail. Rescuers said the dog appeared “quite dejected when she was unable to contact her owners,” according to Chi.na’s Jia.ng.hai Eve.n.ing News, which broke the story first.

Fortunately, after sharing the dog’s picture on WeChat , those workers were able to swiftly locate Ping An’s family. The faithful dog was reunited with her family two weeks later, and the family promised to never split with their loyal pooch again. According to the D.a.i.l.y Mail, the dog’s loving owners responded, “Ping An, you’ve worked hard.” “From now on, you should just stay at home. ‘We would never deport you.’

Ping An’s name, in a strange twist, also means “safe and sound” in Mandarin Chinese. Ping an, I congratulate you! We’re relieved to hear you’re back at home with your family.

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