A dad talks to his baby in the wo.mb. She reacts to his voice with the biggest smile when she is born

The anticipation of a child’s birth should be the most wonderful feeling in the world. The hope that we will be greeted with joy every day grows like a baby in its mother’s wo.mb.

Many expectant parents are surprised to learn that their children can hear and respond to their parents’ voices and music while still in the wo.mb. Classical music is thought to help children’s mental abilities and comfort.

Flavio Dantas, a soon-to-be father from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, never goes a day without talking to his pregnant wife. He was aware that his unborn child had heard him sing. When Flavio sang, the child’s mother, Tarsila Rosa, said her belly would move.

When Father’s Day finally arrived in Brazil on August 11, little Princess Antonella was as skeptical as any other newborn. He smiled the most beautiful smile on his face as soon as he heard his father’s familiar voice singing to him.

“Here, people forget about their problems and concentrate on the most genuine smile. “On Father’s Day, my princess was born,” the proud father wrote on Facebook.


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