A cyclist find an adorable dog and transports him home in his pocket!

Meire Luce Andrade Abreu came across an abandoned dog near the roadside. The woman took the puppy home without hesitation, tucking it in his shirt pocket like a kangaroo mother.

In an interview with Amo Meu Pet, the biker discusses her incredible rescue of her pet Thor.

Meire is a cyclist who enjoys riding circles on her city’s streets. She doesn’t care about the weather because she rides her bike in both the rain and the light.

Meire was undeterred by the weather and started pedaling about a week ago. What might have been a disaster for the city transformed into a treasure mine of puppy encounters.

The woman came across an abandoned puppy about halfway there. Her riding buddy urged her to pick up the puppy the following day because she couldn’t take it on the bike.


“There is no way in hell I’m going!” exclaims the narrator. “I’m taking him right now!” Meire exclaimed to her companion. ”

She took the little one and stuffed it into the pocket of her T-shirt, satisfied with her decision, and continued walking.

Thor has four canine brothers, so he is no longer alone in the world.

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