A beautiful bear dives into the pool and smiles at the camera.

Nothing refreshes you more than time spent in the pool in the middle of the year, when the heat becomes oppressive.

The Bruiser mountain bear is a resident at Single Vision, a wildlife conservation center in Florida that specializes on endangered species.

One of the photos that keeps us smiling all the time is a viral video of a bear entering the pool.

Bruiser decided he was anticipating a spruce on a hot summer day, so he went for a swim in the pool. Fortunately, a creature government support professional got the camera and filmed the incident, which also included the creature’s epic grin.

The video was uploaded on social media and quickly became a viral sensation, and we’ll show you that this bear is very captivating.

Millions of people have seen the shared video, and if you watch it for yourself, you’ll realize why!

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