A clever Belgian Malinois devises a method of transporting four tires at once.

Prepare to be astounded by this dog’s ability to solve puzzles! This clever Belgian Malinois must figure out how to pick up four tires in one bite in what appears to be a training exercise. The is.sue is that the tires are of various sizes, and there is no obvious way to pick up and carry the bulky tires without tripping over them.

The four bike tires are first placed in front of the dog by his human/trainer. The Malinois then figures out how to lift the various sized tires in one bite on his own. So clever!

Despite the fact that the dog had been trained to do this, some viewers were still impressed because the dog had to solve some problems on his own. He must also be able to determine which tire to pick up first and how to “stack” them around his neck for easy transport!

Viewers who have had Malinois as pets have raved about how intelligent they are. “I had a Malli,” one redditor wrote. They’re extremely intelligent. During a visit to my parents, my daughter witnessed me digging up a dead rose bush for them. She stood there watching me dig a shovel-full of dirt out of the ground before jumping in and digging herself. There’s no need for prompting.”

Another person wrote, “It’s always a Mal.” “Raising mine was a race to see how far ahead of her I could get before she did something naughty/overly clever.”

“That’s what Malinois are known for. “They’re smart as hell,” said another. “If you don’t make them work, they will, and it won’t be in a good way.” They necessitate both physical and mental effort. Humans should pay attention.”

“This is fantastic problem solving,” a fan of the dog said, adding, “They love being put to work, they’re so smart and happy.”

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