A bus driver comes to a halt to assist a dog who has been hit by a car.

When a bus driver in Bogotá, Colombia rescued an lnjured puppy, he captured the hearts of animal lovers and his passengers. It was late at night, and Carlos, a SITP driver, observed a dog hit by a car in front of him. He stopped the bus without hesitation and got out to assist the dog. He made a stretcher out of a cardboard box and carried the lnjured animal back to the bus.

Carlos then requested his passengers to assist him in caring for the dog while he drove to the nearest vet clinic to have the canine’s lnjuries addressed.

“This gesture meant a lot to us,” a passenger wrote in a Facebook group where he shared the story and images.

People on social media praised the driver for his acts of compassion, praising him for having “a nice heart.”

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