A baker creates a fantastic bulldog birthday cake that looks exactly like the real thing.

Lara Mason of Cake Anything “takes the cake” with her delectable creations. The seasoned baker posts her creations on TikTok on a regular basis, emphasizing some of her clients’ more eccentric demands.

A dog owner recently wanted to throw a lavish party for their bulldog Dave’s birthday. As a result, they asked Lara to construct a realistic dog cake with a few extra touches for them. Even though there were a few sensitive topics to confirm, she accepted the task because she loves pets. Did they, for example, want their neutered dog’s cake to be anatomically perfect in every way?

Lara highlights a few instances in the construction of this very realistic dog cake with her cheeky comedy and great skill. The ultimate result resembles a Madame Tussauds wax figure, but it’s made of cake! Plus, Dave looks adorable in his sailor outfit!

Here’s a video of Dave the Bulldog’s birthday cake on TikTok.

@lara_cakeanything Happy birthday Dave hope you love your cake! #laramason #cakeanything @davethebulldogofficial ♬ Heartbreak Anthem – Galantis & David Guetta & Little Mix

The cake is absent from the YouTube version, as is Lara’s introduction.

In this three-minute Facebook video, Lara demonstrates how to make the Dave dog cake in further detail. If you’re curious, there’s also a clip of Dave’s cake butt.

Baker Makes Incredible Bulldog Birthday Cake That Looks Just Like The Real Dog

Cake Anything’s Lara Mason really “takes the cake” with her marvellous confections. The expert baker regularly shares her creations on TikTok highlighting some of her client’s more unusual requests.

Recently, a dog parent wanted to celebrate their bulldog Dave’s birthday in style. So they asked Lara to make a realistic dog cake for them with a few extra flourishes. She loves dogs so accepted the challenge, even though there were a few sensitive points to confirm. For example, did they want the cake of their neutered dog anatomically correct in every way?

With her cheeky humour and obvious skill, Lara highlights a few moments in the making of this super realistic dog cake. The end result is kind of like a Madame Tussaud statue, but made of cake! Plus Dave in his sailor suit is super cute!

Here’s the TikTok video of Dave the Bulldog’s birthday cake.


The YouTube version has just the cake, without Lara’s intro.

If you have any troubles viewing the TikTok or YouTube video above, try the reddit version below:

Lara shows the making of the Dave dog cake in further detail in this 3 minute Facebook video below. It also includes a clip of Dave’s cake butt in case you are curious.

We’re going to tell it like it is with Lara’s implication. We were under the impression that Dave was not neutered and that the video would reveal something different than it did. However, we adore the final product (which is suitable for family viewing).

She seemed to have done an excellent job with this cake, and we believe her customers were pleased as well!

Lara had numerous requests to share Dave’s actual birthday celebration (complete with her cake design), which she dutifully fulfilled with a few TikTok follow-up videos.

Part 2 of Dave’s birthday!

@lara_cakeanything #duet with @davethebulldogofficial Dave’s birthday part 2! See if you can spot the cake!! #laramason #cakeanything #davethebulldog ♬ original sound – Davethebulldogofficial

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