Top Reasons To Allow Your Dog To Sleep With you In Your Bed

The question of whether or not to allow the dog on the bed is always a source of contention among pet owners. Several studies have found that approximately half of dog owners sleep with their dog in bed.

What are you waiting for, the other half who don’t? Of course, there are solid reasons to keep your dog off the bed, but there are also numerous reasons to do so.

If you’re still undecided, here are eight reasons why you should let “fido” snuggle next to you.

1. They’re like a plush blanket that keeps you toasty warm.

2. They’re incredibly cuddly and adorable!

3. They assist you in sleeping. No, seriously.

The majority of those who let their dog sleep with them reported that their pet helps them relax and fall asleep, according to a new Mayo Clinic study.

4. They provide you a feeling of safety and friendship.

5. It’s possible that it’s in our DNA.

Psychologist Stanley Coren mentions anthropologists’ notion that human-animal co-sleeping may be encoded in our or their DNA.

Dogs would have kept ancient man warm while also protecting them from predators and dangerous individuals.

6. You just can’t bring yourself to get them off the bed.

7. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a wagging tail and puppy kisses in the morning?

8. Did I mention how adorable they are?

One thought on “Top Reasons To Allow Your Dog To Sleep With you In Your Bed”

  1. Numbers 4 and 7 Those are my biggest reasons. If she gets irritated because I’m moving around too much, she jumps down and goes to her second favorite spot. She’s so spoiled but thats ok

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