5 Ways You Could Be Harming Your Dog’s Emotions Without Realizing It

According to a Harvard psychologist, when dogs dream, they are most likely reliving their interactions with humans. Those yips and kicks we see are their in-dream reactions to pleasing or annoying us.

Our dogs’ entire lives revolve around us, for better or worse. It can leave emotional scars if they don’t get enough of our time or if that time is tainted by unjustified punishments.

Because they don’t understand canine behavior, most dog owners make one of these five mistakes. It’s critical to understand why dogs behave the way they do in order to avoid inadvertently harming your valuable relationship.


1. Rubbing Their Nose In It

Consider this: you go to the bathroom during your 6–10 hours at work, right? Your dog most likely needs to go during that time, and he or she may not be able to hold it. Accidents in the house after a dog has been potty trained can indicate distress, physical illness, or simply going too long without a break.

Your dog will not learn to potty outside by yelling or “rubbing their nose in it,” but it will learn to fear you and will unnecessarily hurt his feelings.


2. Not Providing Enough Playtime

It’s one thing to pat your dog on the head halfheartedly as you rush through the door with an armload of groceries; it’s quite another to schedule dedicated one-on-one time. No matter how hectic your schedule is, it’s critical to set aside time to do something fun with your dog.

A dog’s level of happiness is dependent on the attention they receive from their favorite humans, whether it’s 10 minutes of fetch, a nice evening walk, or just cuddle time on the couch.


3. Punishing Fearful Behavior

Cowering, raised hackles, flattened ears, tucked tails, and growling are all indications that your dog is uncomfortable in a given situation. They need to be calmly and quietly removed from the upsetting stimulus at these times.

You will only make the situation worse by yelling and being overly assertive. Fearful behavior in dogs is frequently misinterpreted as aggression, and vice versa, so if you’re having trouble, seek professional help.


4. Being Inconsistent With The Rules

We’re probably all guilty of it at some point. It doesn’t matter if you have one or fifty house rules for your dog. What matters is that you stay consistent.

If you don’t allow your dog to sleep on the furniture, don’t let him snuggle on your bed while you’re sick, then punish him the next day when he wakes up for a nap! The same can be said for pulling on the leash, begging, and jumping up.


5. Segregation From The Pack

Keeping your dog away from his family will hurt him more than anything else on this planet. Keep in mind that you are his entire world!

Some dog owners are either unable or unwilling to provide the necessary training for their dogs to understand what is expected of them. These misunderstood puppies are labeled “bad” and confined to a kennel or backyard, where they may be abandoned.


Dogs want to bring us joy. They want our love and approval more than treats or toys. If your dog’s behavior is causing you problems, seek professional assistance from your veterinarian or an experienced dog trainer.

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