5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Bed With Your Dog

Most dog owners let their dogs sleep in their beds more often than they’d like to admit, but there are some benefits to sharing your bed with your dog.

After all, dogs are unquestionably the best companions. So, if you’re looking for a good reason to let your dog sleep in your bed every night, look no further than this list!


#1 – Dogs Relieve Anxiety

Dogs have been shown to reduce anxiety in humans, as evidenced by service dogs for people with severe anxiety disorders.


They make it easier for people to go outside and live their lives, while also calming and relaxing them at night. Sleeping with your dog in the bed can improve your sleep quality and provide a sense of calm.


#2 – Dogs Make Us Feel Safe

Most people get dogs for a variety of reasons, one of which is to feel safer. It makes no difference whether you have a fully trained personal protection dog or a dog that will alert you with a bark. All you need is the dog sleeping by your side to feel secure. You will get a better night’s sleep if you are less afraid.


#3 – Dogs Love It

Let’s face it, our dogs adore being lavished with attention. Dogs are opportunists, so if you allow them to sleep in your bed, they will do so because it is enjoyable to them. It gives them the same sense of calm and security that it gives us.


#4 – Dogs Are Warm & Cozy

Blankets and pillows are nice, but they can’t compare to the warmth of a dog’s body and soft fur. Many owners admit to sleeping with their dogs because it keeps them warmer at night. Even having a small dog next to you can make you feel much more at ease.


#5 – Dogs can help with depression.

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