A dog on the verge of being euthanized is adopted by a firefighter who res.cued him from a burning apartment.

The owner chose to euthanize the dog because the treatment would have been prohibitively expensive. That’s when the firefighter came to the res.cue.

The owner of a 16-month-old dog nearly kiIIed him. The firefighter who res.cued the beast from the burning apartment, on the other hand, decided to give his furry friend a new lease on life.

A dog named George was apprehended in an apartment fire in Iowa in September. Malcolm Cortner (Malcolm Cortner) was one of the firefighters on the scene, according to People, and he and the other first interrogators put out the fire inside the burning structure.

Malcolm and the other firefighters discovered the large mastiff in the apartment and res.cued it. They got him out to safe ground just in time and gave him oxygen.

“In late September, firefighters from Des Moines responded to an apartment fire. As the fire was being put out, firefighters discovered and res.cued a large 16-month-old puppy, giving him oxygen “In a Facebook post about the incident, the City of Des Moines runner wrote:

After the puppy was rushed to safety, he was examined by Animal Control, who determined that young George didn’t have many options. Either the dog requires expensive treatment or it must be put to sleep.

Because paying the medical bills would be a costly endeavor, the proprietor chose the second option and had George put down.

According to the Facebook post, “the proprietor chose the ultimate one.”

Firefighter Malcolm didn’t just stand by and watch the canine be put to sleep after bringing it to safety. He made the decision to pay for George’s treatment and provide him with a family.


Without hesitation, the firefighter was qualified to save George’s life twice — once from a burning apartment and once from being euthanized by his landlord.

According to the social media post, the firefighter “asked to subscribe for possession of the Mastiff for further treatment at his own expense.”

“He was granted his request” and “treatment was arranged.”

“Congratulations to Firefighter Cortner on the addition of a new stylish friend, George,” the post continued.

The touching incident was widely shared on Facebook, with many people praising the firefighters and wishing the two newly formed musketeers much happiness.

One commenter wrote, “Firefighter Cortland is a hero in more ways than one.”

“Bringing home a pet is always like welcoming a new family member, but bringing home a Mastiff is like welcoming a child in an adult body! I wish them a long and happy marriage.”

“So glad this gorgeous canine was saved and saved,” said another commenter. “Huge thanks to Fire Fighter Corner for taking on that responsibility and giving George an alternate chance at life!”


“Thank you Malcom Cortner for delivering this handsome boy,” one person said. “He will bring joy and light into your life, because nothing compares to the love of a Mastiff.” I’m not sure why, but it’s different.”

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