5 Dogs Desperately Trying To Keep You From Working

Simply said, dogs are adorable, silly lights of happiness sent from above to hang out with us, be our friends, and do other things. On the other hand, work is…? Work is just a means to an end, allowing you to bring the bacon home to your dog. We can all agree that working isn’t nearly as much fun as chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxing all day, errrrryday with your little fur-bucket, right?

Most jobs, unless you work at BarkPost, do not accept dogs on the premises.

zoe at work 2

However, for individuals who aren’t used to having a dog around while they have work to do, it can be a major distraction. Take a look at these dudes:

1.”Today you are not going to work. If you can’t drive, you can’t go to work. You also won’t be able to get there if you can’t close your car door. You also can’t close your automobile door because it’s not possible. No. Sorry.”

go to work

2. “Mom, I notice you’re on Facebook attempting to do some “business… But, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, Take a look at me.

interrupting my grind

3. “How about instead of tippity-typing away, you count the wrin.kles on me?”

computer dog lap 1

4. “It appears that reading these scientific articles is draining. Is it draining? Are you worn out? I’m completely spent. Come on, let’s cuddle.”

head on keyboard

5. “You must give me fifty pats AND fifty milkbones for every fifty words you type.” I’m not sure if it’s fair…”

keyboard dog



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